Distributed and Wireless Audio

Distributed Audio and Video

Seamlessly spread music, TV and movies throughout your home with one of many options made to fit your budget and lifestyle. Whether your primary focus is listening to your favorite Rolling Stones album as you clean the entire house, or you want to keep watching the news while you move between the bedroom and kitchen, Century Stereo helps make your home into a cohesive entertainment ecosystem.

For fully integrated distributed audio and video, you will need the expert advice of people who know how to do it right the first time. Trust Century Stereo to help you. Come into our showroom to learn more about the sleek options for your home’s distributed AV system. If you’re ready to do some major upgrades, bring photos and your home’s blueprints to help start planning!

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Wireless Audio

Not ready for the commitment of in-wall speakers throughout your home? No problem. Thanks to advanced technology today, all you need to distribute hifi audio through your home is the right equipment and a solid wifi network. Whether you’re a casual listener looking for something like Sonos, or a more serious audiophile who’s interested in BlueSound, Naim, or Linn, we’ve got a solution that will fit your home. Then, when it’s time to pack up and move along, you can easily bring your wireless whole-home audio system with you.


Century Stereo proudly displays Naim Mu-so, Sonos, BlueSound, and Paradigm Premium Wireless products in our showroom. Come in to see and hear how these products differ from each other and learn which might fit well with your listening habits.